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The Three Most Memorable Verses Of 2008

As another year closes on Hip-Hop and the many “Best of 2008” lists get ready to be released, there are many things you can rank: the best songs, the best a...
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The Numbers Game: Nas Gets #1 Spot

Okay, of course we all expected Nasir to grab the top spot from Weezy on the Billboard 200. I'm still suprised that after all that publicity Nigger/Untitled...

Nas – Untitled [Review]

Ever since his debut, Nas has always been known as one of the premier lyricists in Hip-Hop. The public may have sometimes overlooked with “Who’s the Hottest” ...
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iPod Hustle: Nas Edition

Damn, it’s kinda quiet on the Hip-Hop front huh? No review going up today, so I guess it’s as good as time as any to do another iPod Hustle. This is where I...
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More New Nas Songs Leaked

Another day, another new song by Nasir Jones. Damn Nas, you might wanna put a hold on some of these leaks homie. After a while, I'll just start assemblying ...
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New Songs From The New Nas Album

If you heard any of my statements about the new Nas album, you know that I'm really excited about it. Whether it's called Nigger or Untitled doesn't matter ...