Three 6 Mafia – Last 2 Walk [Review]

Three 6 Mafia - Last 2 Walk

Since Hustle & Flow earned Three Six Mafia an Oscar, things have been on the up and up. Now the only two remaining members, Juicy J and DJ Paul look to continue the string of hits. Things are a little different now, not only are these guys Oscar winners, but they are also reality TV stars, so they are reaching a different audience now. Hopefully going Hollywood or should I say HollyHood, doesn’t water down the Three Six sound.

Produced by DJ Paul & Juicy J
Your usual 3-6 intro, but DJ Paul injects a little humor in it making you think that your CD is skipping.

I Told ‘Em
Produced by DJ Paul & Juicy J
You get the classic sound on this track, not too lyrical, but the beat will get the die hard fans by. This sounds like some of their older work.

Trap Boom
Featuring Project Pat; Produced by DJ Paul & Juicy J
They are at their best when Project Pat is in the mix, and this song is one of those cases. Project comes through and really brings it home for the team. The beat on this one is pretty tight too.

Produced by DJ Paul & Juicy J
This is one that will get some people messed up in the nightclubs! This is the way 3-6 used to get the clubs CRUNK! If you are a fan of their style, this is the one right here! BANGER!

I Got
Featuring Pimp C & Project Pat; Produced by DJ Paul & Juicy J
They took Zombie Nation’s song and flipped it 3-6 style. I really think the sample is kind of annoying, but the way they flipped it, made it kind of hot. CHECK FOR THIS.

I’d Rather
Featuring DJ UNK; Produced by DJ Paul, Juicy J, & DJ Montay
This is another one of those songs where 3-6 gives you a simple hook and a bumping beat. I personally don’t like the hook; “I love having sex, but I’d rather get some head!” Not too much thought went into this hook.

That’s Right
Featuring Akon; Produced by Akon & Giorgio Tuinfort
Juicy and Paul get an assist from Akon on this track and it works out pretty well with a nice beat and some decent lyrics from the 3-6 boys.

Corner Man
Produced by DJ Paul & Juicy J
This is one of those songs for them boys out there on the block. Not too much to say about this one, but that the beat is on point and the lyrics go well with the production.

Weed, Blow, Pills
Produced by DJ Paul & Juicy J
Juicy said that this is his favorite song on the album, and I bet you can’t guess what it’s about. I personally have to say hit the SKIP button when this one comes on!

DSX Talk
Produced by DJ Paul & Juicy J
They put a shameless plug for their clothing line that they have out in the middle of the album. Too funny!

Hood Star
Featuring Lyfe Jennings; Produced by DJ Paul, Juicy J, & Lyfe Jennings
What is a 3-6 album without a Willie Hutch sample? This time Lyfe lends a hand on the track over a smoothed out 3-6 beat. I like this one! BANGER!

Get Ya Rob
Featuring Project Pat; Produced by DJ Paul & Juicy J
When Pat joins in, the song just gets better. This time the boys get back to what they do best, and they show you on this track.

On Some Chrome
Featuring UGK; Produced by DJ Paul & Juicy J
I really don’t like the beat on this song, and Juicy and Paul don’t do well when the beat isn’t that hot, but Bun restores the feeling with his verse.

Featuring Lil’ Wyte; Produced by DJ Paul & Juicy J
They give us another ode to drugs but this time with the help of Lil’ Wyte. I really don’t like this song, it’s not like we haven’t heard this song from them before. SKIP!

Click Bang
Produced by DJ Paul & Juicy J
You might want to SKIP this one too, another simple hook, which is nothing new from them, but this time it doesn’t work in their favor.

My Own Way
Featuring Good Charlotte; Produced by Dead Executives
This is a result of having a show on MTV; you get to collaborate with groups like Good Charlotte. While collaborating with bands isn’t new to 3-6, this one has a different feel to it, which I kind of like. CHECK IT OUT!

Dirty Bitch
Featuring Project Pat; Produced by DJ Paul & Juicy J
Once again they give you their signature crunk sound, and who else to jump on the track but Project Pat. This is one that will have the clubs going crazy! HOT!

First 48
Featuring Project Pat, Al Kapone, DJ Spanish Fly, 8Ball, & MJG; Produced by DJ Paul, Juicy J, & DJ Spanish Fly
They made a song with the same title as one of my favorite shows on television. This song has some of the big hitters from Memphis. The production is tight and the rhymes are HOT!

Produced by DJ Paul & Juicy J
Just 3-6 doing plugs for upcoming projects dropping on their label. I have to say Paul and Juicy some funny dudes. Shout out to Chrome, stay out of jail so your album can come out!

Lolli Lolli (Pop that Body)
Featuring Project Pat, Young Dro, & SuperPower; Produced by DJ Paul, Juicy J, & SuperPower
This was supposed the first single off the album, and it doesn’t sound like anything you’ve ever heard from 3-6. Glad they didn’t really rely on this song, because you have a knock off T-Pain and some Mortal Kombat sounding production. SKIP!

Bottom Line:
This album was a solid one for Three Six Mafia, but I don’t think of it as one of their best. While it had some interesting collabos (Lyfe Jennings, Good Charlotte, and Akon), they still didn’t forget why they have been around for the last 17 years. Hard beats and gutter lyrics are what made the 3-6 a household name. Their best moments came when Project Pat joined in on songs, but they had other success on the album. The lyrics aren’t top shelf, but the production will have the neighbors asking you to cut the music down!

nappyPicks: “Playstation”, “Hood Star”, “Get Ya Rob”, “My Own Way”, & “First 48”

Download: Three 6 Mafia feat. Good Charlotte – “My Own Way”