Vibe’s Best Rapper Alive Tournament, Part 2


What’s good, nappyafro? I had to step out for a minute to take care of some school work, but I’m back with another column straight from The Stoop. Remember that Vibe Magazine vote I told you about? If you don’t, about a month or two ago, Vibe decided that they would settle who is the best rapper alive once and for all; people voted each week in a bracket style tournament, and now it’s only down to two competitors. My predictions for the final 2 were Nas and Weezy facing off in the final round after Weezy edges out Jay and Nas edges out Andre 3000. Then, I thought Weezy would win because everyone loves him now because of Tha Carter 3. Well, I was wrong! The final two are none other than Jay-Z and Eminem!

The Final Four still makes me scratch my head. Nas was beat out by Eminem, who hasn’t dropped an album in 4 years! Lil’ Wayne, who’s claimed the spot so many times now, was beaten by Ludacris! I’m not even the biggest Weezy fan, hell I think he’s overrated to be honest, but I think he’s better than Luda to be honest. Then Andre 3000 got beat by The Game! Whoa! I was not expecting that to happen, but if Luda could beat Weezy, why not? Kanye still couldn’t beat his big brother, cause Jay beat him in a landslide. Of course Jay murdered Luda and Em murked The Game. We won’t find out who actually won until the Vibe releases their November issue of their magazine, where they display the final results. Until then, I’m going to put up my favorite match-ups:

Eminem Vs. Soulja Boy: We all knew who was going to win, but what got me is that people ACTUALLY voted for Soulja Boy to win against Em! Damn.

The Game Vs. Snoop Dogg: The Game managed to edge out Snoop for this one, so I guess The Game can finally lay claim to the King of the West Coast throne. That is, until Detox comes out.

Ludacris Vs T.I.: Even though I like Tip better, Luda won this one by a fair margin. But T.I. can still walk away happy; he beat Shawty Lo by 95%.

I guess I should put up a prediction to end this. I’m going to go with Jay because he should have gotten a popularity boost, seeing as he actually has an album coming out this year. But hey, if Soulja Boy can get more than 1% of the vote away from Lil’ Wayne, I could be wrong.