Lil’ B – “T Shirts And Buddens”

So it’s comes to this huh? Lil’ B puts out a diss record aimed at Joe Budden. Why? When it has anything to do with Lil’ B, there’s honestly no telling for sure (Probably has something to do with Twitter). So while Budden is using Esther Baxter as a flotation device, Based God is sending lines at him like: “Tell the whole world you got murdered by a pretty bitch.” & “Shut the fuck up with those depressing ass songs/This is summer time, get some fucking pussy and go home.”

Nope. I’m still not a Lil’ B supporter, but I will admit that “T Shirts And Buddens” isn’t as nearly bad as I expected. Budden will lyrically kill the “Pretty Bitch” (Lil’ B’s words not mine) and probably won’t respond. But this could get interesting.
(*Put popcorn in microwave*)

Isn’t it funny that both rappers here got assaulted for the world to see on the Internet. Just an observation.

Download: Lil’ B – “T Shirts And Buddens”