The Numbers Game: Fat Joe, Tech N9ne, & Dru Hill Debut

If anybody wants to see a good example of being a successful indie Hip-Hop artist, look no further than Tech N9ne. His 11th album The Gates Mixed Plate (Also third in his “Collabos” series) grabs the #13 spot on the charts and sells 17,300 copies. All on his own label Strange Music. Things may be getting even better for the Kansas City rapper as Lil’ Wayne just stated in a recent interview that Tech N9ne was one of the artists he wanted to work with once he got out of prison. Sadly, we didn’t get a chance to review this album. We did review Killer though. I guess that’s something right?

So the other day 50 Cent made a video poking fun at Fat Joe‘s new album, The Darkside Vol. 1, for selling only 5,000 albums. Why you lie Curtis? Joey Crack’s new album actually sold 12,300. Check out my review of Fat Joe – The Darkside Vol. 1 here.

Dru Hill released a new album huh? Have you seen these guys lately? Okay…

Sales for Eminem’s Recovery continue to amaze me. I don’t know who is buying these album, but somebody sure is. With time he may sell 3 million.

#2 Eminem/Recovery (Last Week: #1) – 158,700 ; Total: 1,828,300 (Platinum) [6 Weeks]
#3 Rick Ross/Teflon Don (Last Week: #2) – 62,800; Total: 239,400 [2 Weeks]
#5 Drake/Thank Me Later (Last Week: #4) – 34,200; Total: 914,700 (Gold) [7 Weeks]
#12 Usher/Raymond v. Raymond (Last Week: #11) – 17,700; Total: 973,800 (Gold) [18 Weeks]
#13 Tech N9ne/The Gates Mixed Plate (Last Week: NA) – 17,300; Total: NA [Debut]
#14 The Black Eyed Peas/The E.N.D. (Last Week: #20) – 17,000; Total: 2,702,000 (2X Platinum) [60 Weeks]
#21 B.o.B/B.o.B Presents: The Adventures Of Bobby Ray (Last Week: #27) – 13,000; Total: 333,400 [14 Weeks]
#23 Big Boi/Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty (Last Week: #15) – 12,800; Total: 119,800 [4 weeks]
#27 Fat Joe/The Darkside Vol. 1 (Last Week: NA) – 12,300; Total: NA [Debut]
#30 Dru Hill/InDRUpendence Day (Last Week: NA) – 11,500; Total: NA [Debut]
#49 Alicia Keys/The Element Of Freedom (Last Week: #48) – 8,000; Total: 1,391,300 (Platinum) [33 Weeks]