2010 Certified Banger Of The Year: Keyshia Dior

Last year, Rosa Acosta winning 2009 Certified Banger Of The Year awards created a stir in the “make believe” nappyafro.com office. She won the crown having NEVER before being featured in the Banger section. A lot of people were UPSET! A revolt in The Forums even started against her. The people were not pleased.

This year the award came down to two people. On one side..you have one of the baddest chicks in the game…Maliah Michel. You can’t lose with her..NOPE…not at all. She was everywhere: Getting name dropped by Drizzy on “Miss Me”, stayed on the gossip blogs, and she REALLY is a stripper!

But then you have Sheneka Adams. I mean…welldamn….uh…where was I? Shawty is a Georgia Peach and she is BAD! I’m talking longevity on this side.

So we had to come to a compromise since the two sides couldn’t come to an agreement. The settlement. Keyshia Dior (Who’s been really doing her thing this year). Not a bad compromise at all.

Source: BlaKKJaKK