DuB’s Advice For Tyga & Cory Gunz

So yesterday I read the Birdman’s plans for the year. He intends to flood the summer with music from the proven money makers: Wayne, Drake, Bow Wow, Jay Sean, and Stunna himself. Along with the veterans, he intends to sprinkle in newer artist like Lil’ Twist, Brisco, and Glasses Malone. Evidently Birdman and Wayne are going to save the end of the year for their next installment of the Like Father, Like Son series, a Nicki Minaj sophmore effort, and debuts from Tyga and Cory Gunz. The debuts of Tyga and Cory Gunz are the ones that may actually peak my curiosity the most. Don’t misunderstand, I know that Drake, Wayne, and Nicki could very possibly drop the best albums of 2011, but talent wise Tyga and the Young Gunner are right there with any of the new emcees in the game. I have some advise I would like to offer to each one of them for their albums that should come out this year:

Tyga – Careless World

  • You need a dope single. Last time I heard you on the radio, it was that wack “Coconut Juice” song. You can’t have another one of those and think you are going to be successful.
  • Pharrell should be a major part of your album. I know it sounds odd because the Neptunes have sounded uninspired as of late. Even so, if you are the artist who gets lucky and gets a demotivated Pharrell motivated again, you will be considered a genius. It’s a high risk high reward, but after your debut you aren’t going to find a producer of his caliber who will work with you.
  • Snoop and Game must be on the album. Everyone knows that there will be some Young Money features on your album (Wayne and maybe even Drizzy or Nicki Ninja). Having the most respected West Coast emcees on your album will obviously help the die hard Hip-Hop fans except you more.
  • Make mature music. On the Young Money compilation Tyga had some of his best verses; do more of that and none of what you did on your first album.

Cory Gunz – God Forgives, I Don’t

  • Change your album name. I know you announced the name of your album and then Rick Ross came and stole your title for his album, but your audience isn’t as big as Rozay’s. Everyone remembers Scarface’s M.A.D.E., no one remembers Memphis Bleek having an album with the same name.
  • Bangledash should produce a lot of your album. The two songs that really stand out with Gunz on it are “A Millie” and “6’7″”. Both of these were produced by Bangledash.
  • Grind! Before the album gets ready to drop borrow a page from Wayne’s playbook. Whore yourself out for cheap to gain a buzz.
  • Don’t put Jae Millz on your album. I know both of you are New York cats, but Jae Millz has been around for like 12 years and right now your buzz has surpassed his tenfold.

Will these artist be as big as Nicki and Drake? No! Wayne was extremely lucky to be the first person to see the potential star power of those two acts, but Tyga and Cory Gunz are extremely talented as well. The most important thing for these two young emcees to do is carve their lane. Both artist can go Gold in 2011, and that would be another win for YM.