Jay Electronica feat. Mobb Deep – “Call Of Duty: MW3”

Yea, we had to wait all day for Jay Electronica to keep his promise and deliver this track. And yea, we still don’t have a date on when Act II is dropping. Hell, I don’t even know if this track is a tie in with the upcoming video game of the same name. But hey, it’s a new Jay Electronica track and since that kinda thing is so rare these days, you can only be grateful right?

Jay Elect covers a lot of on “Call Of Duty: MW3”. He talks about Steve Jobs’ death, compares his upcoming album to Detox & The Chronic, shouts out Cole World, & talks about having dinner with Jay-Z & Beyonce. Okay, he talks about much more but I’ll let you listen to it for yourself.

I’m not gonna try to pass judgement too quick, but I’m betting “Call Of Duty: MW3” won’t make a big splash like “Exhibit A” or “Exhibit C”, but hopefully this is a sign that he is back to releasing music more often.

Sidenote: I had no idea Mobb Deep was gonna be on this track. Although I only hear Prodigy, if somebody would’ve told me in 2001 that P would be on ANY hook (Let alone for one of Jay-Z’s artists) saying “Put ya diamonds in the sky“, I wouldn’t have believe it. Well, other than the actually song “Diamond”.

Download: Jay Electronica feat. Mobb Deep – “Call Of Duty: MW3”

Source: Nah Right