‘Fro Fantasy Football League: Season 2 [Week 7]

Week 7 is in the books and with the league being at its half way point we are starting to see everyone shape up or ship out. This was another bye week for some teams so we did have some low scores out there. We also had some interesting matchups this week..including the rematch of last year’s championship…we’ll get to that one later on. Some questions got answered this week would Vice Kings and P from the D stay undefeated? Would King Jerm bounce back from a loss last week? Would Spread Jermz continue to win? Would Saule Wright break into the win column? Let’s find out!

Week 7 Results (winners in BOLD)

Heisenberg – 77.44
Head Bangaz – 65.06

In the battle of old mates that go back to 4th grade AG classes…King Jerm pulled out the victory over Cyclone. It was a tough battle, but I came out on top.

Spread Jermz – 73.82
Dr Mom Loves Chocolate – 58.34

Spread Jermz went to the Doc’s office and came out with a clean bill of health. He was the second person to escape the wrath of the Doc.

Vice Kings – 97.10
Black Death – 61.14

Cool Dee wins streak comes to an end when he ran up on Clay Davis and the Vice Kings. Don’t blame Clay…blame Breesus Christ for this one Dee.

North Caka Laka All Day – 53.36
Hit Squad – 16.10

Jenk took advantage of a depleted squad and got off the 5 game skid he was currently on. I don’t think you would get a complaint out of Jenk at all.

DuBzzz – 0.00
Tyshon Rockz – 103.02

DuB team is win for whoever plays his team. Except for LPH.

Detroit FaceFuckers – 75.00
Vaudeville Villains – 99.34

Ark said that there will be no face fucking this week…and he was right. He handed P from the D his first loss. I’m so happy of this. Keep losing P.

Hip Hop Junkies – 76.36
Watch the Thrown – 53.64

WTT keep taking L’s. First a weak album and now Saule Wright nabs his first victory with a win over DTrot’s squad. Good win SW..with a couple of moves he made, he could be seeing the winning column a lil more frequently.

sliver_street_riders – 152.22
Fuck yo feelings – 38.18

This was the biggest blowout in FFFL history. WOW! I never thought that Jamal would be rendered speechless…but he was. The stars were in perfect alignment for Eric this week. Jamal just so happened to be on the other end.

Los Pollos Hermanos – 66.28
Shut_em_da_fuck_up – 78.94

The matchup we all anticipated in the preseason where we thought there would be a clash of the titans actually was a dogfight to see who would get that FIRST win. Just like the last 2 times they met up…Faraji BEAT Mike again. 3 in a row…it looks like Faraji has Mike’s number. Dinner was served, and chicken was on the menu.

Overall Standings

1. Vice Kings 7-0-0
2. Detroit FaceFuckers 6-1-0
3. Vaudeville Villains 6-1-0
4. sliver_street_riders 5-2-0
5. Dr Mom Loves Chocolate 5-2-0
6. Fuck yo feelings 5-2-0
7. Spread Jermz 5-2-0
8. Hit Squad 4-3-0
9.  Heisenberg 4-3-0
10. Tyshon Rockz 3-4-0
11. Head Bangaz 3-4-0
12. Black Death 3-4-0
13. North Caka Laka All Day 2-5-0
14. DuBzzz 2-5-0
15. Shut_em_da_fuck_up 1-6-0
16. Watch the Thrown 1-6-0
17. Hip Hop Junkies 1-6-0
18. Los Pollos Hermanos 0-7-0