‘Fro Fantasy Football League: Season 2 [Week 9]

Week 9 is in the books and we had some good matchups this week, and the good news is that there is NO more undefeated teams in the league. It took 9 weeks for Clay Davis to lose, but I know he rather lose now than later. Actually, we had another breakthrough this week…LPH got his FIRST win of the season this week…so congrats to him. With only 4 weeks left in the season, the playoff push is getting hectic, so those 8,9, and 10 spots should be closely contested. The way its shaping out everyone is still alive! Let’s check out the results!

Week 9 Results (winners in BOLD)

Heisenberg – 57.04
Black Death – 82.58

Cool Dee took care of Heisenberg in this one with little resistance. It was just a bad outing for the “crowd favorite”. Heisenberg needs to get his act together before the playoffs hit…yeah I’m claiming it!

Dr Mom Loves Chocolate – 92.06
Hit Squad – 56.98

The Big O went to the Doc’s office and was diagnosed with a BEATDOWN! The Doc rebounded from the loss last week and took out her frustration on the Hit Squad. The Doc is looking good for a playoff spot!

Head Bangaz – 57.22
Tyshon Rockz – 86.60

Tisha beat up on Cyclone’s Head Bangaz and then went on to talk trash on facebook. This win put her in the top 10, but that matchup with Heisenberg is looming in Week 11. She is already thinking ahead, but she should worry about Week 10 first.

Spread Jermz – 88.46
Vaudeville Villains – 80.06

Spread Jermz continues to win..5 in a row, and this time Arkitekt felt the wrath of his “greatness”. Spread Jermz is a problem folks…who is going to stop him?

Vice Kings – 76.22
Watch the Thrown – 98.02

Clay Davis took his first L of the season to WTT. Maybe it was the album finally going platinum that did it for DTrot, but the object of the game is to win, and he did that.

North Caka Laka All Day – 103.50
Fuck yo feelings – 115.90

Jamal took down Jenk in this high scoring matchup. Say what you will about Jamal…he is quietly climbed the charts and is in the top 3. Some congrats are in order for his team.

DuBzzz – 0.00
Shut_em_da_fuck_up – 66.70

Faraji isn’t complaining about this free victory at all.

Detroit FaceFuckers – 70.68
Los Pollos Hermanos – 106.40

The free fall continues for P from the D..his 3rd loss in a row. I wonder does karma have anything to do with it? How do you explain losing to the worst team in the league..BADLY? Props to LPH for getting your first win.

Hip Hop Junkies – 86.92
sliver_street_riders – 90.40

Saule Wright’s team put up some numbers this week..but without points at the QB position, his team suffered another loss. Maybe he should trade for Josh Freeman to help out? That Willis for Freeman/Williams is looking real good right now!

Overall Standings (top 10 make playoffs)

1. Vice Kings (8-1)

2. Vaudeville Villains (7-2)

3. Fuck yo feelings (7-2)

4. sliver_street_riders (7-2)

5. Spread Jermz (7-2)

6. Detroit FaceFuckers (6-3)

7. Dr Mom Loves Chocolate (6-3)

8. Heisenberg (5-4)

9. Tyshon Rockz (4-5)

10. Head Bangaz (4-5)

11. Hit Squad (4-5)

12. Black Death (4-5)

13. Watch the Thrown (3-6)

14. North Caka Laka All Day (2-7)

15. Hip Hop Junkies (2-7)

16. Shut_em_da_fuck_up (2-7)

17. Dubzzz (2-7)

18. Los Pollos Hermanos  (1-7)