Slaughterhouse feat. Cee-Lo – “My Life” [Video]

It’s great to see a group of lyrical beasts like Slaughterhouse getting some mainstream shine. It doesn’t hurt having Eminem help turn the spotlight on you either. This is probably the highest budget video Slaughterhouse have had in their career so far, with features from Slim Shady himself and Cee-Lo on the hook.

As for the “My Life” music video it starts off with some comedy from Eminem. It’s quite smart when you think about it. Em’s pointing out how his zany style doesn’t really go with the SH regime but they still make a good combo nonetheless.

The video seems like a premature victory lap which isn’t so bad. In my opinion this group deserves to celebrate. Whether you love them or hate them (or are on the fence) you have to agree that at least someone is trying to get lyrics back on the radio.