Song of the Week: Joe Budden, Akon, Little Brother, Lil’ Wayne, & Young Jeezy


Yeah, it’s me again. I think it’s time for me to take a long retirement from Song of the Week; it’s really not what I initially thought it was (It seems I’m picking a lot of new stuff lately). Don’t worry, it’s a great chance that the pick next week will be something dusty and good (Unless Jay-Z drops something with Andre 3000 on the hook). Also, it’s like five other staff members, so there’s that too. Now, let’s see what I got (All links courtesy of Tha Carter Cartel and my lazy link jacking):

Download: Joe Budden feat. Joell Ortiz, Nino Bless, Crooked I, & Royce Da 5’9″ – “Slaughterhouse”

What? I see you punks talking about us on the message boards. For some reason, people seems to think we’re all mainstream on this site. That couldn’t be farther from the truth (I personally have been bumping Royce’s The Bar Exam 2 & The Foreign Exchange’s Leave It All Behind). Well, when this song came out the other day, I’m sure the internet Hip-Hop fan boys were all busting in their pants.  One of the many lines that stands out in the song is from Royce Da 5’9″: “I gotta open window flow/I air shit out/In the D they used to call Mayor Royce/Now they call me Clay Davis/Guess why?/Shhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttt!/Cause when it come to them words you know I wear shit out.” Fans of The Wire rejoice. Since Joe Budden’s Padded Room was pushed back to Feb. 2009, I guess having Halfway House won’t be bad at all.

Download: Akon feat. Lil’ Wayne & Young Jeezy – “I’m So Paid (remix)”

No disrespect to Akon, but for some reason I’m not excited about his new album Freedom (Could T-Pain have jumped him in terms of popularity already?). Well, he pulls out the big guns for this one and supposedly a music video is close behind. The actual song is not bad at all; just a little predictable: Jeezy mentions Michael Phelps, Weezy uses the vocoder, and Akon talks about money. I guess we’ll see how Freedom fairs when it drops on Nov. 25th.

Download: Little Brother – “Passion Flower”

Last week we featured a Little Brother song from Jake One’s White Van Music; this week we give you another LB joint. Here’s a 9th Wonder produced track that will be featured the re-released and DJ Drama free version of Separate But Equal (Scheduled to drop on Nov. 4th). It feels like at this point, this shit is too easy for Phonte; all that dude needs is a bigger arena.