Chael Sonnen Has Jon Jones In His Sights

As the light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, prepares go to war against the heavy handed Dan Henderson at UFC 151, he’s also fighting another battle on the internet, hosted by Twitter.

After losing his second title shot against Anderson Silva, Chael Sonnen appears to have made the light-heavyweight division his home. He’s scheduled to fight Forrest Griffin on December 29th at UFC 155.

According to Dana White, Sonnen won’t be awarded a title shot after a win over Griffin. He will presumably need one more top 10 win. Despite this fact, Chael apparently isn’t waiting to begin harassing the young champion.

Last week, Sonnen began his tirade on Twitter insulting Jon’s parents’ lack of creativity when coming up with his name. He also took shots at Jones for his recent DWI arrest.

The champion calmly responded to Sonnen claiming that he must “earn a title shot instead of trying to talk your way into one and I’ll be glad to hurt you”. Trash talking is something that Jones has recently become familiar with. His last title defense against Rashad Evans was preceded with a yearlong war of words with his former teammate and now rival. Jones expectedly approached this new opponent much more calmly. A few days later, Sonnen decided to poke the young lion once again.


After that, Sonnen got a little creative and began fabricating retweets of embarrassing statements that Jon Jones supposedly tweeted.



Just yesterday Sonnen claimed Jones was scared to fight him and referred to him with the childish name, “little JJ.”


Sonnen’s hilarious antics never cease to amaze me. After his last title fight I wondered whether he would move up or down in weight and if he would select either GSP or Jon Jones as his new target. It appears we have an answer.

I have no doubt Sonnen has the ability to defeat Griffin. Forrest is near retirement but would still be a credible win. I also believe Sonnen will fare well against essentially anyone in the top of the division, except for Jon Jones of course. Sonnen should give Jones a good challenge but judging by how the champion makes elite fighters look like amateurs, he most likely won’t succeed in taking the belt.

Regardless if Sonnen ever succeeds in his quest for a UFC championship, he will continue to entertain. It will be interesting to see if the champion can endure another long year of torment.