Adrian Marcel – 7 Days of Weak [Mixtape]


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The other day I was going though my IG and was clearing folks out. One of the folks I was going to unfollow posted up about a mixtape by an Adrian Marcel and said it was presented by Raphael Saadiq. That was all I needed to at least download the album. Man, I’m SO glad I didn’t unfollow her and even more glad I downloaded. This is hands-down the dopest R&B mixtape I’ve ever heard. It’s grabbed a piece of the rotation that rarely leaves and now is firmly in the no.2 slot. If you love good R&B, not that borderline pop shit that we all can’t distinguish, but some good ass R&B, this is your mixtape. Free…he shoulda sold this one. With production by Saadiq, The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and appearances by Richie Rich, 8Ball and Ross, this is just a dope ass album from front to back. Check it out and be sure to follow him on twitter, I got a feeling dude is about to take this genre over. @AdrianMarcel510