Kanye West feat. T.I. – “Ye Vs the People”

After trolling the world with “Lift Yourself”, Kanye West drops a real song with T.I. in form of “Ye Vs the People”. It’s basically the rappers going back and forth about Yeezy’s current path. Tip basically speaks for the majority of us confused by what the hell Kanye is doing:

What you willin’ to lose for the point to be proved?
This shit is stubborn, selfish, bullheaded, even for you
You wore a dusty ass hat to represent the same views
As white supremacy, man, we expect better from you
All them times you sounded crazy, we defended you, homie
Not just to be let down when we depend on you, homie
That’s why it’s important to know what direction you’re goin’ now
‘Cause everything that you built can be destroyed and torn down

Listen below.