Song of the Week: Jay-Z – “The Prelude”

It’s December 4th so you know what that means. Another Song of the Week that has people calling me a stan because I’m wishing Jay-Z (The greatest rapper ever) a Happy Birthday. It seems “The Prelude” off 2006’s Kingdom Come is a good fit because of these lines:

I used to think rappin’ at 38 was ill
But last year alone I grossed 38 mill’
I know I ain’t quite 38 but still
The flow so Special got a .38 feel

Jay-Z – “The Prelude”

You remember back in the day when it was weird to be a 40 year old rapper? Matter of fact you remember this line for The Game’s “It’s Okay (One Blood)”?

You 38 and you still rapping? Ughhh
I’m 26, nigga, so is the dubs

The Game – “It’s Okay (One Blood)”

Crazy times. Jay-Z, who is 51 today, is still actively rapping at a good level (And doing yoga on the beach) and The Game dropped an album last year at 40 (And presumably retired). Ageism in Hip-Hop isn’t really a thing anymore.

Speaking of old niggas, can you believe I actually reviewed Kingdom Come back in 2007? I actually just edited it review to 2020 standards; I had typos in that article older than some of my children.

Enough of my old man ramblings. Happy Birthday, Hov.