Tech N9ne – Killer [Review]

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Disc Two

1. I Love You But Fuck You
Tech N9ne jumps right back with the second disc with a tale of snakes in the grass. You know how it is, you think you have a friend but find out they’re not. You love them, but fuck you! This can happen with a girlfriend (As noted in the song). This is a pretty well thought out song and shows Tech can come from the heart.

2. One Good Time
Produced by Matic Lee
On the second part of the album, it seems Tech is dealing more with his emotions about lost loved ones among other things (“Just give me one good cry”). I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a single off the album. It has Tech singing on the hook and seems like radio might eat this up.

3. Drill Team
Featuring BG Bulletwound, Krizz Kaliko, & Snug Brim; Produced by David Sanders II
Producer David Sanders II adds a marching band theme to the songs that makes sense (Drill Team means something sexual…get it?). Tech N9ne brings almost the whole squad here but for some reason it doesn’t work. The hook is horrible.

4. Beat You Up
Featuring Big Scoob, Lebowski, & The Weapon; Produced by David Sanders II
Whoever from Strange Music (Tech’s label) that wasn’t on the last track is on this one. Maybe it was the aim to make this sound a lot like the last song; but they should have made it long track. One difference is the subject matter though

5. Let’s Go
Featuring Kutt Calhoun & Mistah F.A.B.; Produced by David Sanders II
Having David Sanders II producing 3 songs consecutively may have not been a good idea (They should have spread them out). The subject matter sounds like something they covered on the last track and the song as a whole sounds a little generic.

6. Why You Ain’t Call Me
Tech covers a subject a lotta rapper don’t; if you’re not popular in some music circles as a rapper, you get ignored. He even talks about touring with Jay-Z and after not being able to get in touch (He also reiterates this with Ludacris and Eminem). It’s a good song that gives you another side of a rapper’s life.

7. Seven Words
Featuring Krizz Kaliko & Skatterman
This song is gratuitous and maybe sexist but for some reason I think it’s hilarious. Over an R&B flavored track, Tech and company reveal and explain the seven words…what the words you ask? You gotta check it out for yourself. Funny song.

8. The Sexorcist (Infomercial)
Featuring Krizz Kaliko
“Can I suck you tongue?” What the…? This is like a R&B song by Krizz Kaliko with Tech N9ne featured on it. I don’t know about this one.

9. Killa Call (Skit)
This is an interlude that has Tech’s friend leaving him a message.

10. Enjoy
Featuring Bosko & Krizz Kaliko
The production and hook sound dated on this track. This is another song dealing with the ladies and sex (Supposedly tracks 7 through 12 all are). It reminds me of something Roger Troutman and Zapp would have done. It’s not my cup of tea though.

11. Elbow Macaroni (Skit)
A skit about elbow macaroni.

12. I Am Everything
Featuring Hed PE & Kottonmouth Kings
This one Tech’s brings in Rapcore rockers Kottonmouth Kings for a hard Heavy Metal feel. The songs deals with telling somebody (I guess a woman) that you are everything; whatever you think I am I’m that. The hard guitars may turn off some.

13. Happy Ending
Produced by Seven
This piano laced track gives Tech N9ne room to vent about not seeing his kids, his past infidelity, and woes of his life. It’s another emotional track that is well produced (The line about feeling like Rudolph the Reindeer was weak though).

14. Can’t Shake It
Featuring Krizz Kaliko & Robert Rebeck
At the beginning of this song Tech states that this is another song about him stuck in his ways; that is exactly what it is. He even talks about his thoughts about religions here. For some reason, I feel like this something Tupac would of rapped on. The hook and breakdown on this one are notable.

15. Holier Than Thou
Featuring Krizz Kaliko & Strange Lane Choir
Tech N9ne further elaborates about his thoughts about religion and the people who act like there “holier than thou”. It you standard fair when it comes to songs like these (With the choir and such); still, not a bad song.

16. Last Words
After over 30 tracks (And maybe his last album), Tech N9ne gives his last bow on this song. The hook says; “What more can I say to you?” It reminds me of another rapper who just unretired but the message is still there. It’s also plays on the psychiatrist theme form the album’s intro. I can’t really hate on this song seeing that it might be his curtain call.


Bottom Line:
After listening to all 32 tracks; I must say that it’s a lot to take it. But on the flip side being that this is my first time listening to a Tech N9ne album in it’s entirety, I sure his die hard fans are in bliss. Like many double disc albums, this album may have been easier to consume as a solo disc cutting out some lesser songs. But, I understand why he would wanna go out with a bang. After a 20 year career on the independent grind with almost a million copies scanned, Tech N9ne has a produced an album that shows his whole spectrum and gives him the proper send off.

nappyPicks: Come on man, its like 32 tracks…

Download: Tech N9ne feat. Scarface – “Pillow Talkin’”

Download: Tech N9ne feat. Krizz Kaliko & Robert Rebeck – “Can’t Shake It”


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