The Numbers Game: T.I. Still On Paper Trail


Even though T.I. got bumped down to the #3 spot this week by the likes of AC/DC & the cast of High School Musical, Paper Trail is still only less than 30,000 copies away from Platinum status (And seeing how he pushing around a 100k a week…). Not to take anything away from Clifford, I do think it helps him that no big Hip-Hop names have dropped anything in the last 4 weeks. Still, a “milli” in 5 weeks is no small task these days. What else? Let’s see: I thought about changing my name to Thelonious Funk (Hey, if Thic Flair Saul Wright did it, it must be cool!). We got a little political this week on nappyafro, much to my surprise (Hey, we do Hip-Hop. But it’s some smart and talented dudes on this staff; you can believe that slick! Shout out to SBK!). I can’t front on us being political; I guess it’s better than having ass shaking on the front page. I also found out we have a pimp on the staff; I’m not gonna say any names, but here a hint: H2O (Inside joke). See, this is what happens when I really don’t have anything to talk about in The Numbers Game; I ramble on. Well, enough of my foolishness; I’m tired of typing. Everybody stay safe. Peace. R.I.P. Tiffany Capers

#3 T.I./Paper Trail (Last Week: #2) – 93,427; Total: 971,076 (Gold) [4 Weeks]
#8 Ne-Yo/Year Of The Gentleman (Last Week: #8) – 30,711; Total: 521,453 (Gold) [6 Weeks]
#9 Jennifer Hudson/Jennifer Hudson (Last Week: #5) – 28,800; Total: 355,000 [4 Weeks]
#10 Lil’ Wayne/Tha Carter III (Last Week: #12) – 25,384; Total: 2,601,685 (2X Platinum) [20 Weeks]
#12 Rhianna/Good Girl Gone Bad (Last Week: #17) – 21,400; Total: 1,935,800 (Platinum) [73 Weeks]
#15 Young Jeezy/The Recession (Last Week: #14) – 20,962; Total: 561,561 (Gold) [8 Weeks]
#20 Jazmine Sullivan/Fearless (Last Week: #16) – 18,800; Total: 177,100 [5 Weeks]
#25 The Game/L.A.X. (Last Week: #21) – 16,451; Total: 531,853 (Gold) [9 Weeks]
#26 Robin Thicke/Something Else (Last Week: #11) – 16,200; Total: 218,100 [4 Weeks]