Song of the Week: Old School Edition

old-school-ll CLASS IS IN SESSION! I know a lot of our readers know their history, but for the ones that don’t…I got a some gems for you right here! Normally, SOTW is just that..a song, but you know that King Jerm lives by his own set of rules. I gave you SIX. I know B-Easy will be pulling his hair out about this one, but who cares? I’m giving you some Rakim, LL, Gangstarr, Run DMC, Slick Rick, and the Blastmaster, KRS-One. You have 10 locks for first ballot members of the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame. This has to be the most star studded installment of Song of the Week, so sit back and enjoy. For all the young aspiring MC’s, if you want to perfect your craft, listen to some of the greats and take notes. If I get a good enough response, I might pull a Saule Wright and drop and Old School Mixtape. This is King Jerm signing off. Enjoy.

Download: KRS-One – “I’m Still #1” – This goes out to Slik P, he probably won’t read this, but oh well. Plus, ain’t the Fro #1?

Download: Eric B. & Rakim – “Microphone Fiend” – Could have picked from many of Rakim’s songs, this is the one I chose.

Download: Gangstarr – “Mass Appeal” – If you can’t appreciate Primo’s scratching…turn in your Hip-Hop card now.

Download: LL Cool J. – “I’m Bad” – The song that got me sprung on H.E.R.

Download: Run DMC – “Run’s House” – What, ya’ll didn’t know that Rev. Run used to be a beast on the mic.

Download: Slick Rick – “Children’s Story” – This has to be one of my favorite story telling songs…EVER!