The Numbers Game: Jeremih, Ace Hood, Maino, & Wu-Tang Clan

As I’m typing this, I’m just realizing that most of this week’s debut are relatively newcomers. Even though the numbers didn’t exactly blow anybody away, it’s a good thing to have more new blood actually releasing albums. Besides that, after three weeks Black Eyed Peas falls below the the top 3 spots. Eminem is still in the top 10 after going platinum. Beyonce is still raking in the dough (With STILL two albums in the top 50). I also forgot that Ginuwine’s new album came out last week (Thanks for the e-mails) and have added him to the list.

Def Jam’s new R&B’er Jeremih lands at #6 with his self-titled debut. Of course we didn’t review this album (“Hip-Hop Reviews & More” people!), but I heard Jeremih’s rendition of “Ribbon In The Sky” and dude has talent. Have I heard his album? No. At least I’m honest.

Ace Hood’s second album Ruthless comes with little promotion and lands at #23. I think this is exactly where most people expected him to land. I really don’t know what’s in the future for Ace (Do you see him getting a 3rd album?). The album does show growth and is better than Gutta. How do I know? Because I reviewed it (Go here and tell me I’m right).

Being the only Brooklyn cat in a while to drop an album on a major, I’m happy to see Maino on the charts (Which is weird because I’m not from Brooklyn). I wished he’d done better than 18,000 though. Maino has a great back story and is one of those rappers I pull for (Just check out his interview with XXL). If Tomorrow Comes… lands at #25 and was reviewed by our own King Jerm (Check it out and tell him if he was wrong).

Last but definitely not least is the mighty Wu-Tang Clan. Where are the “Wu Heads” at? If Chamber Music had came out and did well (Or at least better than debuting at #49) it could have made a statement (Especially with Only Buit 4 Cuban Linx 2 coming in September). Well, maybe times have changed. Kareem Abdul Jamar wrote a good review and deemed it almost classic status (Check out the 4.5 review here). At least that’s something.

#5 Black Eyed Peas/The E.N.D. (Last Week: #1) – 69,800; Total: 609,900 (Gold) [4 Weeks]
#6 Jeremih/Jeremih (Last Week: NA) – 59,000; Total: NA [Debut]
#9 Eminem/Relapse (Last Week: #5) – 38,600; Total: 1,207,400 (Platinum) [7 Weeks]
#23 Ace Hood/Ruthless (Last Week: NA) – 19,700; Total: NA [Debut]
#25 Maino/If Tomorrow Comes… (Last Week: NA) – 18,300; Total: NA [Debut]
#31 Beyonce/I Am Sasha Fierce (Last Week: #27) – 14,900; Total: 2,283,100 (2x Platinum) [34 Weeks]
#35 Ginuwine/A Man’s Thoughts (Last Week: #9) – 13,300; Total: 50,700 [2 Weeks]
#41 Keri Hilson/In A Perfect World… (Last Week: #36) – 11,600; Total: 377,400 [15 Weeks]
#49 Wu-Tang Clan/Chamber Music (Last Week: NA) – 9,600; Total: NA [Debut]
#50 Beyonce/Above And Beyonce (Last Week: #35) – 9,500; Total: 34,400 [3 Weeks]