The Numbers Game: The Cool Kids, MellowHype, & Brian McKnight

Leading off this week is Brian McKnight with his album Just Me. The singer’s 11th album sold roughly 10,000 copies and lands at the #39 spot. I you’re a nappyafro reader from way back, you may remember me going to a Brian McKnight concert and actually putting up the photos of the show on the site. Yea, it was a weird time for me then. [Check out Soulections’ review for Brian McKnight’s Just Me here]

The Cool Kids did the unthinkable last week and actually released an official album (On a Mountain Dew record label at that). When Fish Ride Bicycles sells 6,500 and grabs the #76 spot. I remember a few years ago, these kids were looked at as the next big thing, but I guess 6,500 is still respectable. [Check out our’ review for The Cool Kids’ When Fish Ride Bicycles here]

Odd Future’s own MellowHype re-released their 2010 mixtape to retailers. BlackenedWhite pushed 6,200 units and landed at the #81 spot on the charts. For some reason, I feel the world is waiting for Odd Future to make a bigger splash as far as record sales or visibility outside of the Internet. But then again, those times may be done for most new music artists anyway.

I had no idea Cali Swag District even released a new project recently (Kickback is the #170 with 2,800 in sales) but I know that group is still bouncing back from the murder of one of their group members, so I can’t hate too much.

And lastly, Trae Tha Truth album didn’t make the Top 200 but still sold roughly 2,600 units. This is surprising seeing as Trae had an all-star cast of rappers and producers on his Street King album (Lil’ Wayne, Game, Jadakiss, Lupe Fiasco, Drumma Boy, & Rick Ross just to name a few). I even thought him being from Texas, the second most populated state,, would help in the sales department. Well, I may still review this album either way.

And the numbers…

#4 Beyonce/4 (Last Week: #1) – 72,300; Total: 498,200 [3 Weeks]
#11 Bad Meets Evil/Hell: The Sequel (Last Week: #5) – 30,100; Total: 341,500 [5 Weeks]
#14 Jill Scott/Light Of The Sun (Last Week: #7) – 32,400; Total: 222,800 [4 Weeks]
#18 Big Sean/Finally Famous (Last Week: #9) – 17,700; Total: 132,400 [3 Weeks]
#27 Pitbull/Planet Pit (Last Week: #16) – 14,600; Total: 116,800 [4 Weeks]
#29 Bruno Mars/Doo-Wops & Hooligans (Last Week: #21) – 13,200; Total: 1,171,100 (Platinum) [40 Weeks]
#31 Nicki Minaj/Pink Friday (Last Week: #25) – 12,600; Total: 1,485,800 (Platinum) [34 Weeks]
#38 Wiz Khalifa/Rolling Papers (Last Week: #29) – 10,300; Total: 505,500 (Gold) [16 Weeks]
#39 Brian McKnight/Just Me (Last Week: NA) – 10,400; Total: NA [Debut]
#40 Rihanna/Loud (Last Week: #32) – 10,200; Total: 1,371,000 (Platinum) [35 Weeks]
#46 Eminem/Recovery (Last Week: #34) – 9,500; Total: 3,952,400 (3X Platinum) [56 Weeks]
#49 Lloyd/King Of Hearts (Last Week: #10) – 9,200; Total: 35,600 [2 Weeks]
#76 The Cool Kids/When Fish Ride Bicycles (Last Week: NA) – 6,500; Total: NA [Debut]
#81 MellowHype/BlackenedWhite (Last Week: NA) – 6,200; Total: NA [Debut]
#170 Cali Swag District/Kickback (Last Week: NA) – 2,800; Total: NA [Debut]
#NA Trae Tha Truth/Street King (Last Week: NA) – 2,600; Total: NA [Debut]