Team Evaluation: Grand Hustle

First off! Let’s be real everyone. If T.I. never went through legal troubles, this label would very well be mentioned in the same breathe as Young Money and Maybach Music Group. Unfortunately Tip didn’t get into trouble once, but twice. This affects the entire team because a lot of free agents are being drawn to the biggest names in Hip-Hop right now (Wale to Rozay, Drake to Weezy F.). If T.I. was in the game, maybe we would their roster a little more rounded out. Well we won’t get into the maybes, let’s see what they do have.

Star Players

T.I. – Although many people feel like this guy has 3 or 4 classics, I honestly only like two of his albums. These two albums, I’m Serious and Paper Trail, are however contenders for the title of “classic” in my opinion. T.I. is a clever wordsmith who is undoubtedly one of the biggest acts to come out of the South. He displays a confidence that is rivaled by few. He even goes as far as to call himself King. Many Emcees took issue with T.I.’s claim to royalty, but none could take the crown off of his head. Tip is truly a living legend. In the words of Weezy, “Free my nigga T.I.”.

B.o.B – Say what you will about Bobby Ray, but the fact is that he is a breathe of fresh air. As often as us Hip-Hop heads claim to want something new, it seems that as soon as we receive it, we don’t appreciate it. I know some people on the site (P-Body) feel like this type of artist is too soft to claim to be a rapper, but check out his talent: He raps, sings, and can play the guitar (Really play. Not like Wayne). He is a fantastic artist and not many people had a better 2010.

Killer Mike – Every time I listen to his music I get so upset. I don’t get how people can sleep on this guy so hard. He may be the best rapper on this entire label.

8 Ball & MJG – Like Killer Mike these are some legends. (Note: Some reports say they may have left the label)

Up And Coming

Young Dro – This guy is a dope lyricist. He put out an album, Best Thing Smokin’, that amassed the super popular single, “Shoulder Lean”. Since then he has been very quiet. I heard he said in an interview he took the majority of his profit from that album to go to school and get his BA in Business Management. I can’t hate on that. Supposedly he is coming back on the scene now.

Bench Players & Unknowns

Big Kuntry King – This is like Tip’s Memphis Bleek.

This label has tons of unknowns. I won’t even bore you and try and explain who is who.

Bottom Line:
The top portion of Grand Hustle looks promising, but then you get to the no name members and you wonder how deep the label really is. Not to say they don’t have talent, they may but Grand Hustle hasn’t given them any shine. Still a nice solid core.

Sidenote: Get ready for the Label Bracket. Coming Soon!