Fro’ Fantasy Football League: Week 6 Recap

Well, Week 6 of the FFFL had its moments this week. Most of the moments were off the field issues (that we won’t speak of) that really had no impact on which team did what and so on and so forth. Fuck all that talking…let’s get to the results. Only reason why this one was late because we moved to a new server. BYE BYE GODADDY!

Week 6 Results *winners in BOLD*

Heisenberg  – 87.36
Shut_em_da_fuck_up  – 114.66

Looks like Faraj got the best of me in this battle. *sidenote* We squared off in another league too…(he won that one too). I just can’t get right this season.

Los Pollos Hermanos  – 100.92
Vaudeville Villains  – 72.14

LPH continues to pull himself up out the muck. Too bad Ark didn’t feel like playing this week. He let ol’ LPH steal one.

Detroit FaceFuckers  – 108.02
TyshonRockz  – 85.12

Tisha got ghetto gagged by the ThroatThrusters. That would be 5 wins in a row for the youngster from the D.

Dirty ravens  – 65.54
Head Bangaz  – 67.96

How you gon be the first team to lose to the Head Bangaz?

Vice Kings  – 57.20
North Caka Laka All Day  – 87.32

Jenk is on a mission this season. I would hate to be in his way. He cleaned up Clay Davis rather nicely.

Spread Jerm  – 76.48
Hip Hop Junkies  – 79.10

SW almost loss this one to someone that wasn’t even updating their roster.

Dr Mom Loves Chocolate  – 113.82
Fuck yo feelings  – 94.90

Quietly, the Doc has been taking her patients out one by one. JRich was the latest victim.

Hit Squad  – 114.98
ABC Easy as RG3  – 96.84

Cornell is finding out about the grind that is the FFFL. I bet that smile has been wiped off his face now!

Overall Standings

Black Division

1. Hip Hop Junkies (5-1)

2. North Caka Laka All Day (4-2)

3. Shut em da fuck up (4-2)

4. Vaudeville Villains (3-3)

5. Los Pollos Hermanos (3-3)

6. TyshonRockz (2-4)

7. Heisenberg (2-4)

8. Head Bangaz (1-5)

Green Division

1. Detroit FaceFuckers (5-1)

2. Dr Mom Loves Chocolate (4-2)

3.Fuck yo Feelings (3-3)

4. Vice Kings (3-3)

5. Dirty Ravens (3-3)

6. ABC Easy as RG3 (3-3)

7. Hit Squad (2-4)

8. Spread Jerm (1-5)