The Numbers Game: LL Cool J Lands At #9


I don’t know if this week’s Numbers Game was really anticipated. I mean, as far as debuts this week, Kardinal Offishall & LL Cool J didn’t exactly have the Hip-Hop world waiting. Me personally, I’m at least always semi-interested. Let’s look at LL first: For a guy who’s been rapping since 1983, selling 40,000 albums and cracking the Top 10 ain’t bad. I also don’t think it’s reason to throw a party either. If I was LL Cool J and Exit 13 was my final album, I would have went out on my terms and not try to cater to the radio/young folks (And probably took off those damn glitter shirts too. Shit, Ice Cube sold 70,000 acting his age). Kardinal Offishall numbers this week were also bitter sweet. Not 4 Sale was his highest showing ever at #40, but it’s…still #40. You’d think since “Dangerous” was one of the hottest songs in the country, Kardinall would do more than 11,000 right? Oh yeah, does anybody remember the predictions on the comment boards? V-G said Kardinal Offishall would sell 5,000 copies, bigt915 said 20,000, & H20 said 10,000. H20 wins one for the home team! Gym Class Heroes’ new album The Quilt gets them the #14 spot (And to all the requests, we don’t hate Gym Class Heroes, we just not gonna review them). Young Jeezy’s The Recession drops to #2 and almost pushed 90,000. The Game’s L.A.X. drops to #7 and Weezy, fresh off a SNL performance, moves up 2 spots at #8 with Tha Carter III. I also see that Nas has fallen out of the Top 50 and Plies is less than 4,000 copies away from getting that Gold. This week we got albums by DJ Khaled, Ne-Yo, and Nelly hitting the charts. Any predictions?

#2 Young Jeezy/The Recession (Last Week: #1) – 89,941; Total: 350,510 [2 Weeks]
#7 The Game/L.A.X. (Last Week: #3) – 49,241; Total: 377,100 [3 Weeks]
#8 Lil’ Wayne/Tha Carter III (Last Week: #10) – 47,345; Total: 2,409,995 (2X Platinum) [14 Weeks]
#9 LL Cool J/Exit 13 (Last Week: NA) – 43,762; Total: NA [Debut]
#11 Eric Benet/Love & Life (Last Week: NA) – 40,135; Total: NA [Debut]
#12 Rhianna/Good Girl Gone Bad (Last Week: #13) – 34,880; Total: 1,780,360 (Platinum) [67 Weeks]
#14 Gym Class Heroes/Love & Life (Last Week: NA) – 32,196; Total: NA [Debut]
#40 Kardinal Offishall/Not 4 Sale (Last Week: NA) – 11,911; Total: NA [Debut] 
#41 Ice Cube/Raw Footage (Last Week: #26) – 11,770; Total: 130,359 [4 Weeks]
#46 Chris Brown/Exclusive (Last Week: #53) – 10,130; Total: 1,788,230 (Platinum) [55 Weeks]
#64 Nas/Untitled (Last Week: #45) – 7,758; Total: 380,419 [9 Weeks]
#67 Plies/Definition Of Real (Last Week: #54) – 7,303; Total: 496,568 [14 Weeks]