The Numbers Game: Jadakiss Is #3


Sometimes I don’t mind being wrong. This is especially true when talking about The Last Kiss‘ first week sales. I would have bet money that Jadakiss’ third album wouldn’t do over 100,000 units in sales. Well, I’m happy to say that The Last Kiss sold over 130,000 copies and got the #3 spot. After being an underrated MC for so long, Jadakiss definitely deserves this. I remember watching a video of Kiss looking at his CD art and thinking, “Hip-Hop needs for Jada’s album to do well”. I also read somewhere that this is the biggest release from a New York rapper since American Gangster; if so, that’s really sad for New York. Another rapper out of New York also made a debut this week. Well, then again, do New Yorkers claim Mims? (That was not a diss; I really want to know) Mims’ sophomore set, Guilt sold around 12,000 copies and lands at #53. I know Saule Wright kinda likes this dude, and the album wasn’t  that bad, but maybe it’s time to start thinking about other career opportunities. There is something about Mims that doesn’t grab people (Read: No personality or star quality). Okay, enough of me being a jackass. Peace. (P.S. –  A few week ago I called The-Dream corny and people started e-mailing/commenting saying I was hating. I finally listened to Love Vs. Money and I thought it was terrible. What album were you guys listening to?)

#3 Jadakiss/The Last Kiss (Last Week: NA) – 134,921; Total: NA [Debut]
#9 Prince/Lotus Flow3r (Last Week: #2) – 66,492; Total: 234,950 [2 Weeks]
#15 Keri Hilson/In A Perfect World… (Last Week: #11) – 32,713; Total: 164,340 [3 Weeks]
#17 Flo Rida/R.O.O.T.S. (Last Week: #8) – 31,744; Total: 87,100 [2 Weeks]
#20 UGK/UGK 4 Life (Last Week: #6) – 26,304; Total: 102,904 [2 Weeks]
#24 Beyonce/I Am Sasha Fierce (Last Week: #21) – 24,400; Total: 2,073,900 (2x Platinum) [22 Weeks]
#25 The-Dream/Love Vs. Money (Last Week: #18) – 23,700; Total: 295,200 [5 Weeks]
#27 Jamie Foxx/Intuition (Last Week: #23) – 22,200; Total: 830,400 (Gold) [17 Weeks]
#30 T.I./Paper Trail (Last Week: #24) – 19,500; Total: 1,877,600 (Platinum) [28 Weeks]
#48 Bow Wow/New Jack City Part II (Last Week: #16) – 12,900; Total: 43,800 [2 Weeks]
#53 Mims/Guilt (Last Week: NA) – 12,411; Total: NA [Debut]