Beanie Sigel – “How I Can Kill Jigga Man” & “Think BIG”


Last night this song was premiered on Philly’s Power 99 by DJ Comic Kev and honestly at first, I wasn’t even gonna give this a second listen. But today I’m sitting by the computer on a Sunday and you know, whatever. Beanie is basically just freestyling and sending shots at Hova over Cypress Hill’s “How I Could Just Kill a Man”. Is it the “Ether”? Hell no, I don’t think Jay-Z is responding to this. But props on the beat though; that shit brought back some memories.



“Take over/Nigga the breaks over/Fraud emcee/He, Jay Hova/Hey little soldier you ain’t ready for the rude boy/Quick to pull the tool boy.”


Update: Here’s another one. And this time Beans dusts off an old Biggie joint (You knew he would):

“I bring the heat that the game missin/The leak on that mint leaf got my brain twitchin/Tell Bleek stop bitchin, stop pissin’/I bare long arms like Scott Pippen, stop shit short like Cal Ripken/This is not just sport I post pivot/Peep how I backed down Jigga, put my nuts on that nigga neck/Shoot up the Roc never hit the net”

A little better…

Download: Beanie Sigel – “How I Can Kill Jigga Man”

Download: Beanie Sigel – “Think BIG”