Team Evaluation: Roc Nation

Well we are almost there. I promised I would do all three of these Team Evaluations, so I can bring you guys my third what-if based column. The last team that is to be evaluated is Roc Nation. Big Homie, Hova, S. Carter, Jay-Z, or whatever you would like to call him heads up this label. This label is a little different from the other two labels. Not only is this a label like Young Money, but it is also a management company like G.O.O.D. Music. This means that Jay has the choice to find to new talent and sign them as acts, or manage acts that already have deals. This also means that Jay has control of a label with a lot of versatility. Now I have never been a fan of Jay-Zthe business man. He has made some mistakes in his career as such, but I can’t deny he has had some successes. Let’s see what the roster looks like.


Star Players

Jay-Z – Look at his discography, and it will speak for itself. Jay has been one of the most consistent rappers of all times. I can’t think of another rapper in his 40’s who is still as relevant as T.I. and Lil Wayne.

J. Cole – I remember when I heard Jay-Z signed Cole. I thought to myself, “And! He probably will be as successful as Peedi”. Well I was wrong. J. Cole is one of the leaders of the new school. He reminds me of Hip-Hop in the 90’s. That is saying a lot. With the anticipation for his album growing, It is no wonder why he is a star player.

Jay ElectronicaI’ve never seen Diddy so mad about an artist not signing with him before. This guy has been compared to the likes of Nas and Common. Although he doesn’t have the same buzz as J. Cole, his lyrical ability is up to par with anyone in the game.

Rihanna – I hate to say it, but every since the Chris Brown assault Ri-Ri has blown up. Jay saw her fan base grow and came in and signed her, not as an artist but as an act being managed. She will continue to sell with this team backing her up.

Up and Coming Players

Willow Smith – Everyone does her dance now. “Whip My Hair” is getting mad love on the radio, and in the club. I know Beyonce was wondering why she didn’t think of this first.

Sean Garret – His nickname is “The Pen” because of all the hits he has been responsible for writing. A bidding war took place between Cash Money/Young Money and Roc Nation, and Hov won. Does this mean Jay has more money than Wayne and Birdman?

Wale – He is well respected in Hip-Hop circles, especially in the underground. He dropped a really nice album, and now is poised to go from “up and comer” to “star”.

Alexis Jordan – This is the singer Jay signed from the show America’s Got Talent. Soulja Boy claimed he wanted to sign her too.

Melanie Fiona – She has this old school feel to her. I loved her album. Now Roc Nation represents her so we should see more of her.

Unknowns and Bench Warmers

Hugo – I don’t know about him, at all.

Rita Ora -I don’t know about her music but she was in the video for Drake’s “Over”.

Bridget Kelly – I haven’t heard her music, but this is the singer who normally fills in for Alicia Keys when performing “Empire State of Mind”.

G-3 – Who?

K Koke – British rapper.

The Tink Tinks – A pop indie group.

Daniel Merriweather – Australian R&B artist.

Mark Ronson – An English DJ and producer.

Nebo – Couldn’t tell you.

*Rumors – There are so many rumors. Lil’ Kim, Fiend, dead prez, Twista, and Lupe Fiasco are all possible additions to Roc Nation. I like Lupe the best out of all the aforementioned.

Bottom Line:
I know Roc Nation has a lot of unknowns, but looking at the list they are all overseas. Who knows, they may be huge in their countries. Jay has assembled the perfect blend of artist that will sell like crazy, and the “true artist” that will keep Roc Nation respected by music lovers.