Jones & Evans Continue Their War Of Words

Jon Jones and Rashad Evans continue to trade barbs during this month and a half drought of live MMA events. Although we’ve had to tolerate this long stretch without our MMA fix, these two have continued to build anticipation for one of the biggest fights of the year and one of the biggest rivalries in the history of the sport.

They both claim to know what the other will attempt and that they’re ready for one another. They continue to show animosity towards each other.

It’s amazing that Jones’ championship run has culminated to this point. One by one, he has defeated legends in the sport and now he will face his greatest challenge.

After being tested against the rest of the legitimate contenders, Jones will face the one opponent who knows the most about him. The man who knows the most about his coaches and their training methods.

Not only has Evans trained with and against Jones in practice, but he’s also trained with Jones’ coaches. He’s had Greg Jackson and company in his corner for years and now he will compete against them.