The Numbers Game: The Game Is #2


Even though I posted a pic of Game looking sad (He barely ever smiles), dude has a lot to grin about this week. In this day and age selling over 200,000 albums in the first week is a lot to be happy about (Hey, everybody can’t be Lil’ Wayne). Yeah, it was thought that The Game had the #1 spot locked up, but after some “readjusting” it turned out not to be so (He missed it by 10 1134 copies). Also making the Top 10 is King Jerm’s new baby mama Solange with her sophomore album Sol Angel &The Hadley St. Dreams (For some reason my girl keeps talking about Solange’s first album lately…does anybody else remember that?). Beyonce’s little sister didn’t push big numbers but her career is looking better than Kelly Rowland’s & Michelle Williams’ combined. And coming in at a low #73 is V.I.C. While H20’s review had the readers crunk, not a lot of you went to the store for the brother. But did anybody expect any other outcome? Yea, me neither. Other than that, we get to see how Young Jeezy (And now Mr. 17.5 4.5) does with The Recession next week. I wrote a lot today…

#2 The Game/L.A.X. (Last Week: NA) – 238,382; Total: NA [Debut]
#6 Lil’ Wayne/Tha Carter III (Last Week: #7) – 54,041; Total: 2,316,075 (2X Platinum) [12 Weeks]
#9 Solange/Sol Angel & The Hadley St. Dreams (Last Week: NA) – 46,305; Total: NA [Debut]
#12 Rhianna/Good Girl Gone Bad (Last Week: #12) – 37,345; Total: 1,713,350 (Platinum) [65 Weeks]
#14 Ice Cube/Raw Footage (Last Week: #5) – 30,337; Total: 100,104 [2 Weeks]
#36 Nas/Untitled (Last Week: #25) – 12,274; Total: 362,525 [7 Weeks]
#41 Usher/Here I Stand (Last Week: #38) – 11,090; Total: 999,420 (Gold) [14 Weeks]
#43 Lloyd/Lessons In Love (Last Week: #24) – 10,860; Total: 99,860 [4 Weeks]
#44 Plies/Definition Of Real (Last Week: #39) – 10,615; Total: 480,253 [12 Weeks]
#47 Chris Brown/Exclusive (Last Week: #42) – 9,690; Total: 1,769,000 (Platinum) [53 Weeks]
#73 V.I.C./The Beast (Last Week: NA) – 7,090; Total: NA [Debut]