Rapper Big Pooh – The Delightful Bars (North American Version) [Review]

Rapper Big Pooh - The Delightful Bars

With any Hip-Hop group, folks tend to try to discount someone in the group. I don’t know if anyone in a duo has been more slept on than Rapper Big Pooh. When his appropriately titled Sleepers hit the streets, folks took notice. On the heels of the “new improved Little Brother” GetBack album, what kind of album would we get this time? Let’s find out.

1. Intro

2. The Comeback
Produced by Khrysis
“The Comeback” sounds like the continuation of GetBack with 808, head-nod heavy track. Khrysis provides the instrumental acrobatics and Big Pooh sticks the landing. He addresses change, haters, and all points in between. The flow and the track give this a real throwback Hip-Hop feel and give a promising intro into what the album can be.

3. It’s A Go
Featuring Torae; Produced by Dae One
The chords and keys give this one a slight Middle Eastern feel. The bass is relentless and for those that like the thump, it’s here on this track. The lyrically, this is just old Hip-Hop cipher type song. It’s all fun and it’s Saule Wright in my opinion.

4. Nothing Less
Featuring Ab Soul, Jay Rock, & K. Dot; Produced by Young RJ
This track seems to falls flat after a big intro of keys. The bass is really subdued and overall, it sounds like we are waiting for the melody or something to kick in. It just feels incomplete to me. Ab Soul (mixtape download in the forums) and his label mates Jay Rock (who sounds insanely like Rick Ross) and K.Dot join Pooh on this one and add some West Coast flava. Get familiar; we will hear a lot from these three in the future. After the thump of the last two tracks though, this one is almost set to fail. Same flows, different beat, we have a winner.

5. C.O.D.
Produced by Mickey Free
“You gon’ remember the name / so let me tell y’all why the fuck I came / just tryna’ get paid, you can keep the fame / embarrass a couple niggas that’s stakin the claim / they the best thing livin’ / respect ain’t given / put yo bifocals on inspect my vision”. Out the gate, we get heat from Pooh who seems to have a chip on his shoulder on this album. I don’t mind a bit. Mickey Free brings back the bump for us with a pretty cool track.

6. Move Featuring Darien Brockington; Produced by Phonix
Did someone call Dr. Dre? This track is so West Coast/Aftermath I expect to hear Nate Dogg sing the hook, not D-Brock. I’m really feeling this track by Phonix. This is that requisite radio/dance song, and I don’t mind this one at all. You know how D-Brock gets down by now and Pooh does a cool job of storytelling on this one.

7. Something Like Stars
Featuring Big Treal; Produced by Jake One
Would you like some White Van Music with your Delightful Bar? Jake One serves up a beat that has a little too much synth for me, but it’s still not bad. I like the variations throughout the song and the overall structure of the song.

8. Step Up
Produced by D.R.
This song is about stepping up to the responsibility that was created when you decided to Jay Holiday it with Mr./Ms. Nightattheclub. Yes, I know, we always hear about how men aren’t shit, and he addresses that too. Ladies, the first verse is for you, second verse is for the fellas. I commend him for making a song that we all need to be hearing on a regular basis. The last verse is an overall message for whoever is listening.

9. Reality Check
Featuring Big Dho, D. Black, & Mykestro; Produced by Khrysis
It’s undeniable when Khrysis is working the boards. You get that hard hitting, east coast, throwback sound. Lyrically, Mykestro steals the show on this one. The entire song is fly, but you need to hear how Mykestro does his thing.

10. Problems
Featuring Jozeemo; Produced by Khrysis
So I spoke too soon, this is certainly not an east coast track, but it IS hard hitting. This one is a lot funkier with a heavy baseline. Our man (pause) Jozeemo hits the lab again and gives us a dope flow and Pooh addresses the skeptics again.

11. Amo A Su Papi De La Barra Skit
Hey, someone translate this shit and hit us up on the forums and tell me what she’s saying. I have no idea but it sounds good as hell.

12. Roll Call
Featuring Jozeemo, Chaundon, & Joe Scudda; Produced by The Co-Op
There isn’t too much to go into with this one. You see the name, you see the features, this is a Hall Of Justice Production. It sounds like a lot of the mixtapes and they handle this one just like they old days.

13. The Life
Featuring Muhsinah; Produced by Khrysis
Okay, I REALLY spoke too soon, I don’t like this beat by Khrysis. I don’t think it’s a bad beat, but it’s not my thing. The “whistle” sound and the random tweets get annoying. This one starts to sound like a test of the emergency broadcast system. When you add to that Muhsinah’s celestial sounding voice, this track is all too “heavenly” and not in a good way. Overall, the song comes off as annoying and clocking in a 4 minutes just makes this one too much for me.

14. Rearview Mirror
Produced by 9th Wonder
You know what you get when 9th and LB connect. This one has that old soul sound to it and Pooh still sounds at home flowin’ over it. “We made a bit of magic when we did it as 3 / then we grew up, then we grew apart / that’s when I realized it was bigger than art / But grown men gon’ do what grown men do.” There is more to this but Pooh gives us a little more insight into the group and the growing pains in the business.

15. Empanda Norte Americana Outro

Bottom Line:
On Facebook, I had to list my top 5 Hip Hop groups and I listed Little Brother in that top 5. I don’t know if we’ll ever get another group album, but even as solo artists, they continue to put out solid work. This album continues in that vein. I really enjoyed the album and with the beats and the feel, it plays a lot quicker than it is. I thought this album was going to be a lot more conceptual than it was, with 4 different releases of the album, 4 different covers, I expected a different album. This one is cool, but it was simply like the titles stated, some Delightful Bars, nothing more, nothing less. I wasn’t blown out of the water like I was with Rick Ross’ and Jada’s album, but this album is very solid and enjoyable. Make sure you check it out.

nappyPicks: “The Comeback”, “It’s A Go”, “C.O.D”, & “Reality Check”

Download: Rapper Big Pooh feat. Big Dho, D. Black, & Mykestro – “Reality Check”

Bonus: Rapper Big Pooh feat. Jozeemo, Chaundon, & Joe Scudda – “Roll Call”